As a product of public education, I know firsthand the value of educating our children. My parents struggled with drug addiction, and education is why I was able to succeed in life in spite of those obstacles. In order for our community to progress, we have to improve and increase funding and resources for public education. Education will be my top priority if I am elected.


I received a bachelor's degree in economics because I recognized at an early age how economic development improves communities. I grew up in northeast Oklahoma and worked at the local grocery store in my neighborhood. I watched my neighborhood decline as businesses and families left. Economic development is key to improving the resources and opportunities for jobs in our community.


Empowerment is practical and personal for me. From a practical perspective, I understand that the members of my community are proud, hard-working, and resilient. But many lack the resources to improve their personal lives. I believe that by providing and increasing the number of resources that improve health outcomes, financial literacy and assistance, and community based education, we can improve our community.

Personally, I hope to show every young kid in my community who is growing up the way that I did that there are no limits to what you can achieve.